Explore++ 1.0

File browsers optimization program

Explore ++ is a powerful software program for managing and organizing your file browsers. The program lets you free your taskbar from getting cluttered with many file exploring windows.

It also allows you to explore different drives, folders or removable media in separate tabs for easy file transfers. Explore ++ includes a File Information Panel which lets you scan a file’s information without having to open a separate Properties window, and lets you automatically hide or write-protect files.

It also has improved file overwriting controls that allow you to specify when it is allowed to overwrite files, and file selection shortcuts that let you select several files or documents and create a shortcut for them.

These shortcuts are useful when working with a common set of files or documents. Explore ++ has many features and it can be used by people who would like to properly organize their data and make file browsing and management easier and more efficient.